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The United States Rafting Association (USRA) is the governing body of raft racing in the United States. It works with the International Rafting Federation and other national governing bodies throughout the world to make sure the United States is represented in international competition. The USRA also strives to promote the sport of raft racing in the United States from a local level to a national level. Teams selected through the National Championship Series represent the United States in international competition. The USRA continually strives to grow the sport within the USA.

USRA Board of Directors

  • Tim Brink- President
  • John Anicito - Vice President
  • Seth Mason - Treasurer
  • Trey Knollman - Board Member
  • Matt Norfleet - Board Member
  • Julie Sutton - Board Member
  • Sherry Spilker - Board Member

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River Events

You can find a list of USRA-sanctioned events here


The USRA divides the US into 3 regions- Western, Central, and Eastern. Each Region follows International Rafting Federation (IRF) rules to determine a winner.

2015 Standings

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US Raft Team

US Men's Team - Ark Sharks.

 Ark Sharks ark-sharks

US Women's Team - Red Ladies

 Red Ladies red-ladies US Whitewater Raft Team