2017 National Championship Oklahoma City

Get your teams to the river and start training. 2017 Nationals is soon! Riversport OKC is hosting the 2017 R4 National Rafting Championships and the 2018 World Qualifier for all divisions May 19-21, 2017 with practice days to be held May 17 & 18. Spread the word- registration link and more information here!

5/12/17 Update- 2017 R4 Head to Head & Downriver Rule Addendum

This year’s National Rafting Championship offers some new and exciting changes for the Head to Head & Downriver races due to the event being held at a manmade course. The following rules will be in addition to the International Rafting Federation Race Rules (March 2017) found at http://www.internationalrafting.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Race-Rules-March-2017.pdf.

Head to Head

4 buoys will be added to the course

  • Teams must navigate 2 of the 4 buoys just like an upstream slalom gate

Penalties will be applied for the following:

  • Failure to navigate 1 of the required buoys = 50sec penalty (2 missed buoys = 100sec total penalty
  • Fully submerging a buoy underwater with a raft = 5sec penalty
  • Obvious deflection of the buoy = 50sec penalty
  • Navigating a buoy other than as if it were an upstream slalom gate = 50sec penalty

If Team A submerges a buoy due to contact with Team B, no penalty will be assessed to Team A. Team B must still navigate the buoy appropriately.


The Downriver race will consist of 5 paddle 4 run laps for the Open, Masters, and U23 divisions. U19 will complete 4 paddle 3 run laps. During the run portion, if a faster team is behind your team, your team must step aside and let the other team pass. This is a courtesy that must be given if your team is obviously slower and can be enforced by judges on the run portion of the course.

The order of channels paddled will be: Recreation laps 1, 3, 5 and Competition laps 2 & 4. In the event that the following occurs, teams will be assessed associated penalties:

Blocking/Intentional slowing of another team during the run = 5sec penalty

  • Teams will be given one warning per run by judges along the run portion
  • If a team does not step aside to let the following team pass they will receive a penalty

If a team enters a channel out of the above order = 50sec penalty

These rules will be applied to this year’s event only. Future events may have different rules.