Updated list of Colorado raft racing events for summer 2014

  2014 Colorado Raft Races   The Golden Games All American Adventures Clear Creek Downriver Raft Race( R-4) Sunday May 18th on Clear Creek Canyon More info at http://www.thegoldengames.com/ CKS Paddlefest BV Fun Raft Race (R-4) Friday May 23rd at 6pm at the Buena Vista River Park                                                (Introduction into raft racing, head to head event) […]

Colorado Ark Sharks Men and Colorado Red Lady Rafting Women’s teams sweep 2014 Nationals in California

May 3rd-4th, Salmon River, CA. 3 Women’s and 7 Men’s teams make the trek to the Salmon River in Klamath National Park in Northern California. After 4 trying battles- Head to Head, Sprint, Slalom, and Downriver, teams from Colorado take both Men’s and Women’s 2014 USRA Nationals. Congratulations to the Ark Shark Men and Red Lady Rafting Women and […]

Cal Salmon Nordheimer Race selected for 2014 R4 USRA Nationals!

            Salmon River, CA. May 3rd, 2014. USRA Nationals Race. History: •Whitewater enthusiasts have been enjoying the Salmon River for decades. •Considered one of the Premier Whitewater Rafting sections in the country. •Commercial heyday was during the late 80’s early 90’s. •Raced annually since 2007. 2014 Race info: http://northcoastwhitewater.wix.com/salmonrace

Behind the 8-Ball Men’s Team and Red Lady Raft Racing Women’s team take 1st in 2013 Nationals in Colorado

A big congrats to all the racers that participated in the 2-day USRA National’s Race during the Royal Gorge Whitewater festival last weekend! After the 4 events (Time Trial, Downriver, Head to Head, and Slalom), Behind the 8-ball Men’s and Red Lady Raft Racing Women’s teams came out on top. Details of the racing and event photos to […]

Habitat video premier and ORT fundraiser this Friday 3/8 in Portland, OR

Oregon Rafting Team (ORT) Fundraiser this Friday March 8th at Next Adventure Paddle Sports in Portland, Oregon! All ages! Tons of high quality new gear to be auctioned off! Ninkasi! In store discounts! Films! Portland premier of Habitat. Lots of carnage and several new whitewater shorts. Live band! No cover! Free t-shirts! More details here: […]