2016 R4 WOMEN



















Bre Rocksund, 27 – Team captain

Seat on team: back right

Paddling since: 2008

Favorite event: slalom

Best tip?

“Give it your all and have nothing left at the end.”

Would love to paddle in: China

Favorite food: Thai

Favorite rapid ever: Steeps section of Bailey Creek

You can only listen to one song ever while training. What is it?  First Aid Kit, Silver Lining


Julie Sutton, 42

Seat on team: back left

Paddling for: 17 years

Favorite event: downriver

Best tip?

“Heart. From Todd Toledo. It’s about what’s inside more than all the weights you can lift, all the yoga you can do, all of what you think of yourself.”

Favorite race: Gore Canyon race

Favorite rapid ever: Sledgehammer in the 2000’s on the Royal Gorge or Kirschbaum in Gore

You can only listen to one song ever while training. What is it? Flashdance – What a Feeling. But for real! Ya’ll better not make fun of me! It’s a good message.


Rachel Day, 28

Seat on team: Front right

Paddling since: 2006

Favorite event: Downriver

Best tip?

“Get to the fastest water the fastest. – Julie Sutton”

Favorite food: Bloody elk steaks

Favorite rapid: Gore

Tell us a joke!

A duck goes to walk out of a bar. Bartender asks him how he is going to pay for his tab. Duck says “Put it on my bill!”


Meghan Robertson, 27

Seat on team: Front left

Paddling for: 4 years

Favorite event: Downriver

Best tip?

“Push harder even when it starts to hurt, and always communicate as a team while racing.”

When not racing: I like to play around in my whitewater canoe.

Favorite rapid ever: Pillow on the Gauley

Favorite food: watermelon


Mia Carrasco-Songer, 27

Seat on team: I’m the alternate and can paddle in any seat.

Paddling for: 7 years

Favorite event: Slalom

Best tip?

“You have to love what you do or you will never make it. Good thing I LOVE whitewater and LOVE racing!”

Favorite rapid ever? Sledgehammer on the Royal Gorge

Tell us a joke!

What did Mozart do after he died? He de-composed!