Matt Dopp, 42 – Team captain

Seat on team: My preferred position is in the boat and upright. If those two things line up, then I’ll be guiding rom the back right paddling position.

Paddling since: 1995

Favorite event: All of the events have their special appeal. My favorite is the downriver.

Best tip?

“If you find yourself not paddling, start.”

If you could paddle anywhere tomorrow? The Grand Canyon. That place is magical, and who wouldn’t want to spend 3 weeks in one of the most awe inspiring places in the world?

Favorite food: Anything that can be put in a burrito. I hear they make sushi burritos now. Where do I get one?


Andy Baxter, 49

Seat on team: Front left

Paddling for: about 25 years

Favorite event: The one where there is water.

When not racing: I am a Medical Exercise Specialist in Ashland, Oregon.

Favorite race: Winning this year’s King of the Rogue race was quite a thrill, as was holding our own with the US men’s open team this year at National’s.

Favorite food: Organic whole milk. And beer. Real. Good. Beer. And sausage. And veggies. And those Kettle salt and fresh ground pepper chips are my Kryptonsite. And Sawyer Station makes the best burgers on the planet. Yeah man, food…. What was the question?


Pete Newport, 45 – aka Crazy-Pete, Pedro Rogue Rio

Seat on team: Left rear

Paddling for: 26 years

Favorite event: Slalom is my favorite. I think it’s a great blend of power and finesse and incredibly challenging to keep the boat speeding in the right direction.

Best tip?

“See how much fun you can possibly have. Celebrate the course.”

When not race training: I serve as the President/Owner of Sawyer Paddles and Oars in Gold Hill, Oregon.

Favorite rapid ever: Celestial Falls on the White River that flows into the Lower Deschutes River. Very picturesque 50 foot waterfall. It’s illegal to run now but still my favorite.

Favorite food: Swine. I believe swine is the way to a women’s heart.

Tell me a joke!

What do you call a whitewater kayaker with kids? A rafter!